Meat Night begins with Havens Coffee Rub

Our blends with Maui, Hawaiian and Vail roasted coffee will enhance the flavor of meat with bold flavors and spices to turn your meal into a gourmet delicacy. Use this dry rub on all your favorite foods to grill, smoke or bake including our favorites: pork tenderloin, ribeye, lamb, wings and venison. Veggie favorites include asparagus, roasted potatoes, smoked tofu. Or, sprinkle it into your ramen or queso!

  • Cuts

    Grill or bake your favorite cut of steak, pork, lamb, venison with Havens Coffee Rub generously on both sides at least 10 minutes before cooking.

  • Burgers

    Your beef won't know what smacked it. Blend in Havens Coffee Rub when preparing or sprinkle it on top of your burger for a gourmet experience.

  • Ramen & Queso?

    Yes, that's correct. Use leftover Havens Coffee Rubbed meat in your ramen, or season the soup to create a smoky and unforgettable snack.

    Dip for the game? Havens Coffee Rubbed meat diced into a creamy jalapeno cheese block + rotel or salsa...

    bring on the chips.

Customer Reviews

We will only use Havens Coffee Rub for our steak spread! - Scott, Lanai City, HI

Got this rub for Christmas and smoked some deer backstrap with it! Absolutely the best rub! - Trevor, Colorado

I've created the Havens Coffee Rub Burger in Johns Island, SC and it's a huge hit. - Scott, owner of Chicken Fats Food Truck

Amazing on smoked Tofu! -Derek, Eagle, CO

Tried the Havens Coffee Rub in my ramen and wow that was good. - Ben, Kahana, Maui, HI

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Havens Gourmet Coffee Dry Rub

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